DNSW State Championships

It was a stunning spring day at the NSW Dressage Championships yesterday.

Flowervale Florenz was such a good boy, Unfortunately in the 5.2 he got tangled in the arena fence, which then ended up lying on the track so made for a few interesting moves!! yet he never threw in the towel. So i was thrilled with his attitude to keep on going. In the 5.3 he was great ending up on 68.9% and 2nd place. The Advanced class was full of so many wonderful horse and rider combinations, its awesome to watch and exciting for the future as these horses press onto the FEI ranks. Congratulations to all place getters. 
Big thanks to my wonder sponsors Brighton Saddlery, Vega Dressage Saddles, Kingsland Equestrian Wear Australia and Rose-Hip Vital Equine your support is very much appreciated and keeps my team looking and feeling great.

Thank you to my mum and hubby Adam for always being there to support me, and my wonderful groom Jess Howell for always turning the horses out so beautifully.