DNSW State Championships

It was a stunning spring day at the NSW Dressage Championships yesterday.

Flowervale Florenz was such a good boy, Unfortunately in the 5.2 he got tangled in the arena fence, which then ended up lying on the track so made for a few interesting moves!! yet he never threw in the towel. So i was thrilled with his attitude to keep on going. In the 5.3 he was great ending up on 68.9% and 2nd place. The Advanced class was full of so many wonderful horse and rider combinations, its awesome to watch and exciting for the future as these horses press onto the FEI ranks. Congratulations to all place getters. 
Big thanks to my wonder sponsors Brighton Saddlery, Vega Dressage Saddles, Kingsland Equestrian Wear Australia and Rose-Hip Vital Equine your support is very much appreciated and keeps my team looking and feeling great.

Thank you to my mum and hubby Adam for always being there to support me, and my wonderful groom Jess Howell for always turning the horses out so beautifully.

Winter Festival - Flowervale Florenz wins again with 70+%

Great day at The Winter Festival today at Clarendon with Flowervale Florenz winning the 5.1 with 70.2!!!! So proud of him, He was such a good boy in very cold windy conditions. Justin Rose-Hip Vital, Brighton Saddlery @Kingsland Equestrian Wear. 
Thank you so much Karen Lever for putting on a great show and getting all those scores out so efficiently. 

Thank you so much @rogerfitzphotos for these wonderful photos of Flowervale Florenz at the Clarendon Winter Festival. I love the new Kingsland Dressage range from Kingsland Equestrian Australia NZ the competition jacket is so comfy and i love the bit of bling on the breeches. My gorgeous KEP helmet from Brighton Saddlery is divine and definitely one for those who like to stand out in the crowd. Florenz also oozes health and happiness thanks to Rose-Hip Vital Equine.

My fantastic team Adam Wheat, Jess Howell, Wendy Taylor, Roger Fitzhardinge, Melissa Quinn thank you so much for your help and support in freezing conditions today.

Brighton Saddlery stocking KEP, Vega, Kingsland Dressage & Rose-Hip Vital

Love my new KEP helmet from Brighton Saddlery it's called mirror black, if u want to stand out in the crowd go for some sparkle and shine. Check out the great range of KEP helmets and many more awesome products including the fantastic new Kingsland Dressage range, Rose-Hip Vital for keeping horses, dogs and humans in great shape esp in these cold months when aches and pains creep in more and of course best saddles, I love my Vega Dressage saddle!! at www.saddlery.com.au

Kingsland Dressage - NEW RANGE

So excited about the new Kingsland Dressage range. Its absolutely stunning!!!! I feel soooooo blessed to be able to show case these wonderful clothes each season. Thank you so much to Jenny and Kate from Kingsland Equestrian Australia for your amazing support and generosity. If u would like more info go to www.kingsland.com.au 
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Sydney Dressage - Flowervale Florenz wins both Advanced Tests

We had a great day at Sydney Dressage yesterday. Flowervale Florenz was a star winning both advanced tests with 67.9% and 71.5% he just keeps getting stronger and more expressive. Im really enjoying the journey with this wonderful horse. 
Thank you so much to my wonderful team for your support and encouragement after a difficult week, it means the world to me. Wendy Taylor, Adam Wheat, Melissa Quinn and Jess Howell, Maree Phelps and Roger Fitzhardinge.  
My horses and I always look great while out competing, thanks to my awesome sponsors ‪#‎kingslandequestrian‬ ‪#‎brightonsaddlery‬,‪#‎rosehipvitalequine‬

Dressage NSW - World Star with two scores 70+%

My beautiful World Star was awesome again today at Dressage NSW, placing 2nd in the PSG with 71.7% and winning the Inter 1 with 70.5%!!!! I'm so proud of my boy.

Big Thanks to my hubby Adam , Mum and groom Jess for all your help and support over the last 3 days. Thank you Roger Fitzhardinge for the awesome photo's you always capture my boy so beautifully. 
Thank you to my sponsors Kingsland Equestrian AustralRose-Hip Vital EquineiBrighton Saddlery

Dressage NSW - Worlds Star Inter I

Had a great day at Clarendon today with World Star he makes me smile everytime i ride down that centreline. I totally love my new Kingsland dressage range, the vests and jackets were perfect in the chilly conditions today. Kingsland Equestrian Australia NZ Rose-Hip Vital Equine Brighton Saddlery Thank you Roger Fitzhardinge and Lyndal Oatley for the awesome photos!!