Does Your Saddle Fit?

One of the most common problems I see when doing clinics and just travelling around is how so many people ride in saddles that don’t fit! 

I love my Vega saddles (pictured) for both World Star and Oscar B. The Vega’s fit so well and is so comfy for both horse and rider.

Riders commonly add a pad or another saddlecloth to try and make the saddle fit rather than getting the saddle to fit the horse first.

Since joining to wonderful team at Brighten Saddleworld and having Tony Flynn's expertise looking after how my saddles fit, I have discovered how crucial a proper fitting saddle is to the performance of the horse.

Tony makes a good point “You wouldn't wear two or three pairs of socks to make your shoes fit, you buy the right size.

I highly recommend getting your saddle checked regularly as horses change and saddles wear. If you would like your saddle checked and properly fitted contact Tony or visit the Brighton Saddleworld Sydney website