Kingsland Equestrian - Winter 2013 Collection

KTW Dressage has been fortunate to be provided with the new winter selection from Kingsland Equestrian covering the latest colours and styles. "Kingsland Breeches are the best breeches i have ever ridden in, so comfy and even without a leather seat I feel so secure in the saddle at all times."

Kingsland has a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian and up to date styling. This combination, together with the use of top quality materials, has made Kingsland the favourite brand of many of the worlds top riders including well known Dutch Riders Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud.

The winter collection is super comfy with zip up jumpers, vests, jackets and long coats which are both practical when riding and stylish away from the stables. The long coats are great to teach in on those long days standing out in the arena.
Not only do I love riding in the Kingsland clothes, I also where them out away from the stables with many people commenting on how great they look. 

To check out the awesome new Kingsland range visit your local stockist, including Brighton Saddlery or go to